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Qualitative versus Quantitative Research : Evidence Based

Qualitative and, quantitative research - Data Analysis atlas

BTW Table.1 "Transferable Skills Featured in This Text" could be redone as a TofContents. It is used to quantify attitudes, opinions, behaviors, and other defined variables, and generalize results from a larger sample population. The final chapter (Research methods in the Real World) that connects research skills to possible career tracks and ones role as an engaged citizen is excellent and is material that is often not present in these sorts of books, but should. Of course, since this edition is from 2012, the current examples are becoming a little outdated in 2020, but still serve as quality examples for students. For example, Table.1 on page 17 lays out four theoretical paradigms; table.2 on page 18 applies these paradigms to the sociology of sport, but it leaves one of them out with no explanation-these seem like editing problems more than authorial ones, though. Key terms are bolded and explained, and in the online version, you can hover over them for a brief definition. For optimal utility in social work teaching, the text would need to be used with a companion file using social work examples, including social justice-focused research using community-based participatory action methods.

The difference between qualitative and quantitative research

In Figure.2 the three main sociological theories are mentioned but also listed as paradigms. Content Accuracy rating: 5 I found the book to be generally accurate. All you have to do is compute an average of the responses you get, a simple calculation in a spreadsheet with no hours of reading required. Read more Reviewed by Sarah Quick, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Sociology, Cottey College on 8/2/18 Comprehensiveness rating: 3 see less This book, in general, is comprehensive in that it covers research questions, the research process and design types, major. Reviewed by DeAnn Kalich, Professor and Head, University of Louisiana at Lafayette on 3/31/19 I like the approach used here because I agree qualitative and quantitative methods are complementary rather than competing. I have not reviewed or used other methods books, but this book includes what I would expect. Take the time to think of specific quantitative questions to ask nowtrust us, youll be glad that you did.

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The narrative/personal style makes the text very accessible. Learn more, what. One of the biggest advantages of quantitative customer feedback is that it is really easy to display in a graph form or a pie chart. Read more Reviewed by Walter Carroll, Professor of Sociology, Bridgewater State University on 6/10/20 Comprehensiveness rating: 4 see less This book appears reasonably comprehensive although the absence of coverage on network analysis is a weakness. Although there are many basic underlying principles in research, there are also advances and many new examples of research that ought to be incorporated. In general, I found the later chapters to be more comprehensive than the earlier ones.

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Clarity rating: 5, i like the tone of the writing; it's easy to follow and friendly. Some of the more advanced concepts (e.g. As mentioned above, the use of male/female/other categories for gender is problematic, and hopefully would be addressed in any updates. A variety of examples are used that are inclusive of a variety of races, ethnicity and backgrounds. I was also particularly concerned about the order of topics, but it has a great layout and order to the chapters. Actually, I prefer integrating discussions of some of those topics, such as ehtics, into coverage of each type of data gathering. For example, there are missing words throughout the first chapter this should be caught and fixed; it will undermine a students value placed upon the book assigned by their instructor.

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It should be noted that qualitative and quantitative methods are considered in tandem which may not lend itself to the teaching of modules dedicated to one approach only. This presentation allows students to understand what they should be getting from the section (learning objectives review that information (key takeaways and apply their new knowledge (exercises). So whats the bottom line? Cultural Relevance rating: 5 The text uses a variety of diverse examples. Many figures are indicated but are missing (for example, diagrams of inductive and deductive research processes are mentioned, but they do not appear in the text-this is a really bad omission).

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Grammatical Errors rating: 3 There are regular writing errors in the text. The author's style will facilitate student understanding. This is particularly useful for some of the more complex areas, and areas where the professor would have supplemental materials. Content Accuracy rating: 5 Content is accurate, error-free and unbiased. Clarity rating: 5 This text is one of the most lucid for students I have ever read.

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Professors who decide to use this text should supplement examples included in the book with more contemporary examples that could be used to reinforce the material. Modularity rating: 4 I do think that the modularity is well done. Interface rating: 4 There are no figures in the PDF version. And, quite frankly, for other reasons, neither can quantitative methods! But the discussion of survey question design is great. I appreciate that Blackstone includes.

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There are also broken links throughout the book but especially heavy in the first two chapters:.2 Exercise 3 video link doesnt work;.3 Exercise 2 link is bad for ASA jobs; video clip links don't work in chapters 1, 2,. Major strengths: clear writing, engaging research examples, easy-to-understand tables, plus provides Learning objectives/Takeaways that encourage preview and review by students Re use of jargon/technical terminology Add glossary Consistency rating: 5 Internally consistent enhanced by look-back devices such as Table.1 "Transferable. Blackstone is no "Methods snob" - she does the correct thing by telling students that it is the nature of research question that should drive one to use the method. It contained either chapters or short sections on nearly everything that I wanted to cover with the course, although for. Instructors might supply, or ask students to come up with, examples suitable to political science. Relevance/Longevity rating: 5 This book feels like it was written by a young person and draws on a range of examples and case studies that have contemporary relevance, which will have appeal for a lot of students. Content Accuracy rating: 5 The content appears to be accurate and free from bias.

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Sociology does not typically refer to "puzzles so political science instructors would need to introduce that in other course materials. The section on conceptualization is very good, and more thorough than in many texts. How to get quantitative data from qualitative feedback? Organization/Structure/Flow rating: 4 There is a clear logic to the book's organization. Organization/Structure/Flow rating: 4 The book was not arranged in the order in which I present the topcis in the course that I teach. Organization/Structure/Flow rating: 5, i liked the order of topics very much. Reviewed by Anna Berardi, Professor, George Fox University on 2/8/17 This text is comprehensive in scope and depth of content. One student commented in the course evaluation that he found several typos in the text and that undermined his faith in the content, so possibly the book could use a check up by a copy editor. To start with, lets talk about the difference between quantitative and qualitative feedback.

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(p55) Cultural Relevance rating: 4 In my view, not culturally insensitive or offensive. Most Research Methods books follow the format of the author's, so that. However, the order that the author used is logical. Comments I would reorganize chapter 12 and. This text utilizes examples (like illustrations from President Obamas election that may seem dated at some point. For example, Lisa might not have thought to ask specifically about whether a supervisor fosters work-life balancebut this might emerge as a theme among responses.

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