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of step with the Word of God and we will notnot one of usspend one second hemming or hawing about that. And if I were a United States senator, I would vote to convict. Congressional leaders hid while the doors buckled from mobs seeking to attack them. Thats why such a charge was never even made in any court of law, where perjury penalties would hold, but only in social media streams and demagogic rallies. We could disagree on all that, and still bear with one anotherknowing that all would be sorted out in Gods timing. Every family I know is divided over this personality. If not, is it our fault? That is not just about manners or self-righteousness or elitism or aesthetics, but the ethics of Christ. Everyone who attacked our Capitol or planned or directed such a storming of the Capitol, should be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Some will argue that any Democratic president will mean the loss of religious liberty forever, the inability to ever again protect the lives of the unborn, or some other outcome.

Copyright 2008 The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc. You cannot support police by the murder of police officers. The police do not have the option to ignore these mobs. I could not do thatin good consciencebut my attitude was, and is, Who am I to pass judgment on the servant of another? No matter what one wanted to happen in the election, as the saying goes, facts dont care about your feelings. If I were the Vice President, I would assemble the cabinet in accordance with the 25th Amendment. If the world rejects us because they think Christ is just a mascot for what we would already be supporting or doing even if Jesus were still dead, then God have mercy. All research papers are owned by The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc.

In any case, I know that Ive been wrong about many things in my lifeand might even do a whole series here on Stuff I Was Wrong About. To do otherwise would be to cease to be a just society, and to empower future evildoers to do the same. The Vice President and the Cabinet cannot put aside questions of their responsibilities for fear of their futures. The powers-that-be, Paul wrote, are instituted by God, and are to operate within limits: For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad (Rom. God is not unfaithful to his purposes, Paul wrote, but has always worked through a remnant (Rom. If you can wave this away with well, what about or by changing the subject to a private platform removing an account inciting violence as Orwellian, then where, at long last, is your limit? And if someone sayswhen confronted with a violent insurrection on the nations Capitol, Yes, but what about. If I were speaking every week to people who are leaving because they reject the Trinity or the Incarnation or the bodily resurrection or sexual morality or whatever, I would agree with you.

Some of them are your children. We saw the attack on our Capitol, the desecrating of the seat of our democracy, the harming of innocent human lives, and the murdering of a Capitol Police officer. What that meant was that, while all Scripture is profitable and able to be used to share the gospel, one could guide someone through the plan of salvation using verses all found in the Book of Romans. Im voting for a platform, not a person; an administration, not an individual, people would tell. To hope that this all will just quietly go away and resolve itself is to incite future terrorists and is to do exactly what the Bible forbidsto justify the wicked and to condemn the righteous (Prov. But thats also because I dont at all want to be heard as saying, I told you. If someone says, Yes, abortion takes a human life, but poverty is worse, they are wrong.

And, most importantly, every survey shows that the church is hemorrhaging the next generation because they believe that evangelicalism is a means to an end to this political movement. Behind closed doors, they said he was mentally unstable. For, as it is written, The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you (Rom. Let us sin all the more that grace may abound or Let us lie our way into the truth or Let us riot our way to peace or Let us murder our way to lifethese things are all completely. If the world rejects us because of Christ and him crucified, so much the worse for the world. And all of this was even more confusing because many of the people who would say boldly in public how great this leader was and would say, privately, the exact opposite. Paul wrote, Those of you who preach against stealing, do you steal? Friendships are broken, for almost everyone I know. I am going to pray that my critics are rightand that I am just incapable of seeing what they see.

You cannot champion the pro-life cause while waving away murder. Rather than flipping all over the canon, one could just turn pages in this one book and show people Gods love, Gods judgment, the necessity of the cross, the power of the resurrection, the meaning of faith and. But you deserve to hear from me what I honestly think. The Roman Road From Insurrection, this week we watched an insurrection of domestic terrorists, incited and fomented by the President of the United States. You dont have to agree with.

From the very onset of Pauls letter, he wrote about Gods holy judgment on deceit and ruthlessness. It is about a picture of Jesus Christ and of his gospel that is satanic. The crowds attacking the Capitol were not antifa plantswe know, in many cases, their names and faces and backstories. This is not about politics. Thus, the Scriptures tell us, Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good (Rom. Again, I might be wrong. Police officers were attacked. It is not trueand it never was truethat this election was stolen. And our hope of the future glory in which we will share starts with our groaning by the Spirit, with the creation around us, that this is not the way it is supposed to be (Rom.

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